Friday, October 28, 2011

Librarian's Pick

When You Were Small is a librarian's pick at the Homeschool Co-op.

It’s just the right amount of silly.  ”When you were small, we used to give you baths in the teapot.”  ”When you were small, we let you sleep in one of my slippers. The left one.”
It’s lyrical.  Each page starts the same way, and has the same lovely cadence and rhythm.  ”When you were small…”
It’s beautiful.  The binding is lovely.  The book has a matte finish, with lovely muted colours.  It could be on display in a fancy home.  It could live on your coffee table.
It has a great ending.  ”Don’t you remember?”  Henry’s father replies.
It doesn’t belong on a coffee table.  It belongs on a bedside table.  Kid’s or parent’s.

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