Monday, April 10, 2006

A lovely letter from a bookseller

I love, love, love When You Were Small. I pulled it off the cart this afternoon, admired its spare 60's look and was blown away by its perfection. I can give it no higher praise than putting it in the same league as an early Sendak/Ruth Krauss book. It just the sort of book I loved reading to my own kids. It is pure gold. Its gorgeous illustrations and gentle family humour are going to strike a chord with book buyers everywhere. I will do my best to put it into as many hands as I can in the next two weeks before I move on to my new job. Congratulations to Sara O' Leary, Julie Morstad and Simply Read Books. This book is an absolute gem.
Maggie Blondeau, Vancouver Kidsbooks.

(Thanks, Maggie, I think you're a gem too. Hand-selling has always been a boon to publishers and authors and Kidsbooks has proven themselves champions in this regard. And your reference to Maurice Sendak absolutely tickled me - I was raised on a steady diet of those beautiful books and have done the same with my own boys. Thanks again. SOL)

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